Changes in elevation


It’s pretty quiet around here today.  The end of quarter madness of earlier this week has passed, and more than half the company has taken the day off to recover.  There wasn’t much to do, so Twinnie and I laid out on the grass and soaked up some of the last of this very long summer’s rays. 

Of course I think we would have done that even if we were busy.  Laying in the grass, blowing bubbles, that’s important stuff.  You can tell by how serious we look about it.

This afternoon the nearby military base had an airshow, and so Twinnie and I and a few others slipped into the janitorial closest and up the ladder to the roof.  Don’t tell anyone.

(I am such a little vamp.)

(I am such a little vamp.)

(Conehead is deafened by my enthusiasm.)

(Conehead is deafened by my enthusiasm.)

 I dunno why people complain about working in an office. I think offices are great fun. Especially to stand on. 

So I’ve got another hour, I think I’ll go find something else to do.


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  1. Ooooooooooooo! You are in sooooo much trouble. Damn, I wish I would have went with you up there. You’re lucky I’m not a tattle-teller. Damn it, I really missed out. I wonder what I was doing at that time? Obviously it wasn’t as cool as “standing on the office”.

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