I’m not so misunderstood, really.


Valancy Jane – “So I dunno if you heard the guy across from me and I talking about how a few stops up from ours is a station with a little preserve of land next to it, for some rare form of sage?  Well, I guess there’s a colony of rabbits that live in it, and they have no fear of people.  He says they roam the station fearlessly.  I really didn’t want to get off the train just now, I wanted to ride up and go play with the bunnies.”

Tibs – “I bet.”

Valancy Jane – “I can picture my boss trying to make sense of that phone call.  ‘Hey, gonna be late, something came up and it’s important, OHMYGOD BUNNIES, uh, gotta run.'”

Tibs – “How long have you worked there?”

Valancy Jane – “Almost five years.”

Tibs – “I’m gonna guess that by now your boss would know better than to TRY to make sense of that phone call.”


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