At the DMV


I’m in line in front of a Buddhist monk. What are the rules for that? If I let him go in front of me, will it karmically even out the next time I’m here when I fully intend to dress as a Buddhist monk?


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  1. The DMV doesn’t like any disturbance in their system. Not that I can figure out what that system really is. Letting someone cut in front of you would have set the whole system into a tail spin of which there would be no escape. So, my answer is that even if karma would have rewarded you the DMV would have punished you.
    I do however support the dressing like a buddist monk. I think you could pull off the orange bedsheet look much better than most.

  2. Based on what Todd said, it really is hard to know which you want more: Good Karma or the DMV not to hate you. *Raises hands to the side of her, up and down* Wow, that’s a hard one.

  3. I am sure that VJ has plenty of good karma. That is evident from the blog. That being said its better not to have the DMV mad at you.

  4. Last week, while having lunch with a Buddhist Monk, he told me: “The greatest effort is not concerned with results.”

    I think that really applies here.

    But then he asked, “Do you wanna get high on acid and spank my monkey?”

    I haven’t quite figured out the meaning and wisdom of those words yet.

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