Valancy Jane sells out a little.


Here’s a picture of me, selling chocolate at the local farmers market. On the right? That’s Liz. Liz sells cookies, cookies that she’s MADE.  She also played the part of my wife in a rather awkward encounter, but that doesn’t pay as well as the cookie gig.

This story is really about Jesse. Remember when I said that everyone I’d met lately was named Jesse? Well, Jesse (not the one that’s my brother) owns a place called Chi Chocolate. It doesn’t have a website (I KNOW, I’M WORKING ON IT) but it has coffee and sandwiches and wine and the same bookcase and rugs as I do, so when I say it feels like home, I mean it. And when I wanted a second job, this was the only one I wanted. Last night ZJ asked me if I came here a lot, and I said that it’s like a club, and that I’d joined.

Working at a place like this just felt natural. So come on down, and buy some Chi Chocolate.


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