I demand you care about last night’s America’s Next Top Model with me.


Why is Sheena‘s portfolio missing?  Suddenly I feel cold, and scared.  I love Sheena.  Someone convince me that it’s just some technical glitch, and not our first clue that she committed some major crazy and got herself kicked off.  And if she did, what do you suppose it was?   The crazy bar has been set pretty high on that show.  Maybe she raped Nigel or something.

I don’t mourn Hannah‘s exit in the slightest.  She didn’t impress me on any level.

Clark‘s pretty bitchy, and so hit or miss in terms of good pictures.  Not a fan.

I’ve yet to develop any strong feelings about Samantha, Jocelyn or Lauren Brie.

I’m still wondering if Elina is going to even out, or wind herself up until she snaps.  I’m kinda hoping she and Clark start shagging so Elina chills out, and Clark stops talking about how she’s not prejuiced, just “traditional.”  Either way, I’m sure Elina’s got more great photos in her.

McKey seems sort of normal, and I mean that in a good way, so I like her.  She does have a fantastic face, and I think the babies she’s going to have with Aurora will be GORGEOUS.

There are sizable cracks in my marrige to Marjorie.  She is starting to wear on me now.  I’m not saying it’s over, but we’re in couples counseling.  I still think she might be a modeling genius.

I’m sad that Isis got eliminated, but I can’t fault the judges on that one.  She was nervous, and she kinda lost herself.  I hope to see her again.  I smell a spin off!

And sweet Analeigh is showing enough potential for me to feel safe liking her without constant fear of losing her from the show.   And that makes me sooo happy.


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  1. Look back, Analeigh was one of my pics, and Isis would not last.
    I guess this would have to be my contribution to your “It’s not yet midnight” post…
    Yeah….I watch Top Model, AND Dancing with the Stars.

  2. No, of course not. I’m glad you were right about Analeigh. I’m sad about Isis, but of course I don’t blame you for being right.

    Do you think Analeigh could win? Don’t lie to me. Don’t lie to please me.
    Any lucky numbers coming to mind?

  3. -really? I don’t think I look good in short shorts…

    -She’s got a sort of Denise Richards thing going on…that could work against her in the long run…but it probably could get her date with Charlie Sheen.

    -it’s early I don’t want to lock in my vote till the field narrows.

    -lucky number 36

  4. Analeigh does make me think Denise Richards a bit too, but minus the potty mouth, annoying laugh, and strange personality. A likeable Denise Richards.

    And Amber, I don’t predict a winner until we’re down to two or three.

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