It’s not yet midnight.


Today we read the headlines, both Clay Aiken and Lindsey Lohan confirming that they like the mens and a particular lady, respectively. And so today seemed like a good day to say something. No. Stop, relax. People related to me, please resume breathing. I like men (and you’ll stop breathing again when you realize how much I like men) -but you know what bugs me about that? That straight people have to say nothing, and gay people have to announce something so personal. I don’t like the idea that at some point early on in our lives we have to define ourselves, and I do like the idea that we should put a little pride behind everything we confess.

So, in solidarity, I’d like to say that I like handcuffs. I.E. something I shouldn’t have to say, something you prolly don’t need to picture. Something that I hope makes no difference to our friendship.

It’s your turn. Tell us all something intensely personal. Come out. Divert. Be Spartacus. Proudly announce something you like, for a good cause.


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  1. I agree with you VJ. That when you’re not straight, you have to come out with it, so to speak.

    In solidarity I sit:

    I like peeling things. This includes nail polish that has been on my hands for longer than two days, and hangnails, and anything plastic-wrapped, and oranges and pomegranates, and yes, scabs too.

    I’ve disgusted you, I’m sure of it, but there it is.

    Ahh, confession is good for the soul.

  2. That’s a good one Rez. I totally share that one. One time, while sitting in an airplane, there was a man sitting in front of me with a partially bald head that was totally peeling. I had to refrain from reaching out to grab at the little flakes for two and a half hours.

    I put ketchup on mac n’ cheese.

  3. I agree with you and Rez. It seems crazy that anyone would have to announce their sexual preference.

    And Rez? I am a total peeler too! I used to cover my hands in glue and let it dry just so I could peel it off.

    Now that everyone is being so brave, here goes: I firmly believe that if I didn’t have responsibilities (i.e. family, house, bills, marriage, etc.) I would easily become one of those people who hole themselves up in their house with their cat and rooms full of books. My true self is a total hermit.

  4. VJ- Now that would be nice because you wouldn’t be there just to pressure me to be different but you’d be there to keep me company and that is something I would love.

    Rez- You too as in you did the glue thing or your true self is a total hermit? Either is acceptable and awesome!

    Todd- The only thing we do not accept here is your answer that you can’t think of anything. C’mon, spill! Do you like the way your farts smell? (Sometimes I do like my own). Do you secretly dream about having sex with Barabara Walters? Everyone has something.

  5. Amber – Precisely.

    Miss K – Thank you for coming out with that. (You saucy minx.)

    ‘Rez – Remember when we were hermit crabs? Ironically, we were the life of the hermit crab party in those days.

  6. So, when you say you like handcuffs do you mean in the bedroom or just in general? I had handcuffs on once and I didn’t like it all cuz I was being arrested, but I did learn something important. They don’t fit me. I can slip right outta them. YAY!

  7. I do like lots of things I am just not sure anything strange enough to make the list. I like when a women snuggles up to my neck a lot and sometimes it tickles. Also, I am moving half way around the world to marry and Aussie. Does that count?

  8. damned work!!! I hope I’m not too late for this one. I have a confession to make.

    I am straight.


    When I’m not too busy being gay for Angelina Jolie.

    And Gwen Stefani.

    HEY that DID feel good. sigh. Thanks VJ!!!!

  9. I too, am a peeler (I used to put rubber cement on things just to peel it off). I come across as fairly normal but I love tweezing my face. I panic about making phone calls, despite being a working professional (I’m putting off an essential one right now) and loving to chat on the phone with friends. My toes are very very sensitve in what is usually a good way

  10. I hate to ding anybody’s rebel cred here, but I think everyone on earth is a peeler. We just assume other people aren’t.

    Squirrel, so you’re a toe girl. *wink* I wish you happy toes then.

  11. Uhh, Norma Norm? That wasn’t actually an outing as we’ve been married over a year and totally have sex all the time. I kinda already knew that about you. (And the fact that you like feather foreplay).

  12. Me either. But I did once have sex with a guy with booby piercings. I think they are worthless for partner NOT pierced. They just got in the way.

    Amber and Veej.. you two girls know me so well!

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