I don’t know …


….. If I’ll ever be able to pronounce the word tampons normally again, now that I’ve heard the Target stock guy call them “tampooooons.”


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  1. I dunno. I’m twenty-seven, I’ve had plenty of boyfriends, all of which would, if asked, I just have no problem running that little errand myself.

    And come on, after 16 years of periods, it’s not like any of them come as a surprise anymore. It’s not hard to stock up.

  2. You know, I have never once sent my husband or my teenager to run that errand for me either. It just seems like asking someone else to wipe your ass for you when you have two perfectly capable hands.COSTCO GIRLS, Jumbo size box that will last you for six months.

  3. So do some women use that as a test to see how dedicated their guy really is? I’ve made that trip before. Not really a big deal if you ask me. Then again… I had tampons up my nose after I had sinus surgery.

  4. Amber – Yeah, honestly. If I run out, I’m perfectly capable of going out and buying more. It’s a period, not a lost limb or a contagious pathogen.

    Dan – I don’t think it’s a big deal to a guy, I just think it’s no deal at all to me, so that makes me the logical choice. And if I want to test a guy’s loyalty, I tell him I have a dead hooker in my truck and will he grab a shovel and hurry please?

  5. Oh, and any man that’s dated me for any significant period of time has usually stopped asking why I do anything. I’m always happy to explain, but it often just leads to more questions.

  6. If you remember in the movie Casino you are always suppose to dig the hole in the desert BEFORE killing. A little pre planning goes a long ways.

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