Sorry, lovies


Haven’t been blogging, I’ve been out having fun.  Nothing unusual, just mariachis and sitting on the porch watching airplanes and exploring train stations and drinking coffee and discussing what exactly constitutes first, second and third base.

Which reminds me, what do you define as getting to first base, second and third?

And yes, we’re not talking about baseball.


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  1. How is it that you always have the absolute coolest pictures? Does the papparazzi follow you? I’ve had like 4 pictures taken of me in the last 12 months, and one of them was taken by me, with my arm oustretched!

  2. I force people to take them of me. And then to take more, in case I look weird, which I often do.

    The first one was taken by Tibs, I took the rest, you’ll notice my arm in the fourth.

  3. FUN!

    First base- Kissing with no tongue.
    Second base- Kissing with tongue and kissing above the chest area. IE: Ears, neck, throat, collar bone.
    Third base- Everything but sex. Which, hmmm…that’s quite a jump from second to third so maybe not everything, like no oral.

    Am I officially kicked off your blog now?

  4. Oh… so THAT’S what they mean by “third base” .. good to know. I always wondered why all my exes said I was the third base queen. I’d always think, “HU? But I don’t play baseball????”

  5. My definitions:

    First base: Kissing. With TONGUE.

    Second base: Touching. But the clothes stay on, people.

    Third base: Everything except fluid exchange. If you know what I mean.

    Home run: Sex, and all that it implies.

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