The suicidal hat.


He was bobbing about in the middle of traffic this morning, putting himself in grave danger.  I darted in, and grabbed him, before he did something terrible to himself.

I can tell he’s been vagabond for awhile.  He needs some mending to the band, and a thorough cleaning to get rid of the dew stains and the track of the slug or snail who presumably jumped ship before the hat wandered into traffic.  But most of all, I think he needs to be cheered up.  I think he needs what always cheers me up.  FEATHERS.

If you have anything you think he needs, contact me for address details.


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  1. I recognize him! Doesn’t he belong to a certain employee that was nominated for employee of the month?

    Feathers? Why stop there! I like adding a whole bird. Or fringe.

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