I’ve had Annie Use Your Telescope by Jacks Mannequin on repeat all day.


Annie Use Your Telescope – Jacks Mannequin

If you view my blog as a filing system designed to hold my life at my fingertips, all the details of everything I want never to forget, (which I do), then I guess it would seem like some big chunks are missing lately, but it’s not as if I’m in any danger of forgetting this. If the picture ever starts to get fuzzy, then maybe I’ll tell you about the pattern of hair on the back of his hands, the way he never took his eyes off mine in that last cab ride, and how scared he sounded the last time we talked.

But I don’t think I’ll need to.


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  1. *HUGE HUGS* Is music therapy for you the way it is for me? There are certain songs that just instantly bring back certain pieces of my past.

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