The supercollider is not going to kill us all.


But just for fun, let’s pretend it might be the last night of our universe.  Strip down, grab a bottle of gin, and meet me on the docks?


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  1. Can we invite Antonio the Glitter Pony, the cop who gave him to you, our groupies, and that ballerina who likes to toss dimes off her eyelashes? Because that would be a party!

  2. I am glad the world didn’t end because I would have never known about parties with Glitter Pony and ballerinas. That sounds like a wonderful event. Is there ice cream too?

  3. If you are ever in Bakersfield or driving by stop and I will treat you and Baketown to Dewars. We are proud of Dewars Ice Cream shop here.

  4. Sad thing is I live in Bakersfield and still can’t partake of Dewars (except for the chews) due to a milk allergy that isn’t lactose intolerance, so no happy little pill that solves all the problems. I went to high school at BHS and had to walk past Dewars on my way to my father’s workplace. Oh the inhumanity.

  5. Melissa you can come too but we will just get you some chews and a soda. The chews are confectionary crack. One is NEVER enough. We will send VJ home with a box or three. Then you can get San Diego addicted too.

  6. Oh, I have to tell you this. The day the supercollider was supposed to kill us all, Tyler told me that all day at school it was all the kids could talk about. At lunchtime with his friends still talking about it and him just tired of hearing about it (he has a very scientific brain that fought against this whole supercollider theory) he finally laid it out for them very scientifically (I won’t go into the whole science spiel he repeated for me but it was awesome) and told them to chill out because it wasn’t happening. His friends just told him. “Dude we know but we just need something to be excited about, okay?” Tyler told them, “First off, death isn’t a hobby and second, I was just about to tell you that all this supercollider talk is doing is distracting us from the gigantic astroid that is going to hit the earth and blow it up next week.” Hee! Damn child!

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