Help me Internet, you’re my only hope.


You are also the only one I can confess this to.  Remember when I couldn’t find a song that I wanted, from the movie George of the Jungle, which necessitated admitting publicly to having seen that movie, more than once?  And in the giddiness that followed when several people sent it to me, I think I let it slip that I’d seen it a LOT of times, on PURPOSE?

This is worse.  But I’m desperate, so here goes.  I want a song from Weekend at Bernies II.  Which I’ve seen.  A lot.  Because I own it.  STOPJUDGINGMEEVENTHOUGHYOUHAVEEVERYRIGHTTO.  The song is listed as Kumm a Klele, by J.D. Nichols.  I can’t find it anywhere, except under a slightly different spelling “kumm a kele” on imeem, which means I can link to it here, and listen anytime I’m at my computer.  Which is awesome, but what I really really want is to be able to put it on my iPhone. 

 Kumm A Kele – Weekend at Bernies Soundtrack

iTunes has no idea what I’m talking about, apparently.  Nobody seems to sell a Weekend at Bernies II soundtrack, shockingly.

I will make out with anyone who finds this for me.

Valancy Jane


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  1. Certain things, Veaj, are just too easy. You seriously take all the fun out of ranking on you when you hand us something like Weekend At Bernie’s II. Now, if you’d said “I’m really getting into One Tree Hill on iTunes,” we could say something like, “Yeah, and I guess you’d think you’re Peyton???”

    Oops. Did I just overshare?

  2. Nice try, Hank, but you’re not going to trick me into admitting that I know who Peyton is and why she and Lucas belong together.

    Jonny, you are my daddy. Which makes it a bit awkward considering that I owe you a makeout sess for this.

  3. tee hee loved the star wars reference in your title 🙂 at least… that’s what I took it as. Maybe it’s not what you meant, in which case I am an even bigger nerd than I thought. 🙂

    • could you please send me that weekend at bernies song by j.d. nicholas, “kumm a klele” cant find it anywhere. would be greatly apperciated thank u

  4. Does any one have any song from the Weekend At Bernies movie? Like Kumm A Klele (Kumm A Kele), Ocean Blue, Hot & Cold (from the 1st one at the endind), etc. Thanks! 😦 I really need them…

  5. i need the songs from both weekend at bernies movies my dad loves those movies especially the 2nd one please and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Valancy Jane:

    I came across your web site while looking for the same Song
    ” Kumm A kele ” would you please send me a copy and if you
    Also have ” Ocean Blue ” that would be Great !

    Great Minds Enjoy Great Music!


  7. Hello!

    Could you please send a copy of this song? It’s my mom’s favorite song and I can’t find it anywhere else on the internet!
    If you have any of the other songs, could you send those too? I’d sure would appreciate it!


  8. Like the others, I’m looking for the song (Kumm a Kele). Any chance you could send it to me? Very much appreciated in advance.

  9. If you still have a copy of like the others, I’m also looking for the song Kumm a Kele by J.D. Nicholas. Any chance you could send it to me also? Very much appreciated if you can in advance.

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