And yes.


It did occur to me that the reason more women don’t run for political office is because we take it a lot more personally when someone criticizes the sort of mother we are. I never want to be the sort of woman who rips into a woman because I have the mistaken (but common) instinct that it’s my innate right as a fellow woman, so in the interest of fairness, I’d like to slam her on some issues that haven’t touched me personally as really bad parenting. Issues that have nothing to do with the her family or gender. That’s fair.

She tried to censor books in a local library, and she’s terrified of letting the gays have their gay.

Those are biggies for me. I hope they are for you, too.


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  1. You know I very much agree with you on the point of letting the gays have their gay. Anyone who would really prevent me from marrying you I want to punch in the neck, as Cecilia would say 😉

    But I do have to note that Palin, while she is against same sex marriage and against providing benefits to same sex partners, as Governor she vetoed a bill that would have prevented the state from providing these benefits to same sex partners. So even though she acknowledges she disagrees with it, she also noted that it would be against her oath of office to go against the state Supreme Court and therefore exercised her veto power to that bill that would have denied those benefits… So I do have to give her a little gay point for that… a very LITTLE gay point, but it’s something. 😉


  2. No, not at all. But much like Obama’s “Lipstick on a Pig” statement, her asking a question has turned into her banning books in a library. It’s been so overblown by the press that an innocent question, or non ill intentioned statement has been taken way out of context. People get so intent to make a political point that they circulate list of books she banned that were not even in print at the time she was in office. Sad that true beliefs, factual statements and such are so rarely used in politics. Seems far to often things are reported as fact with the media never bothering to check if they are.

  3. No, not out of print, the list that went around by email was from a Florida Institute list of books that had been banned in some libraries at some point in time. The list has books she supposedly banned in 1999 when she was mayor. Unfortuantely for the person that coppied and pasted the list off of a web site, it had like the first 4 Harry Potter books, 3 of which were not even written at that time. Not out of print, not even written.

  4. Ah. Well, since I don’t get my information from random internet postings, I was unaware of the list you’re referring to.
    Your rant about fact checking, while certainly valid, in this context, on my blog, was quite condescending, as I was not waving about an inaccurate list.
    To sum up my opinion on the books, I have a difficult time believing anyone would ask about the possible removal of books with no intent behind it, so to discredit the list doesn’t sway my suspicion of her motives.
    Now let’s address your manners.
    I have no problem with Palin supporters, I’m facebook-married to the informed, intelligent and Republican Aurora, but really, to be welcome on this blog, please note the following guidelines.
    Don’t say you don’t want to start a political discussion when you do. That’s just annoying. You had every opportunity to not start a political discussion, and yet you did. Besides, what’s so wrong about a political discussion? For the record, I started it, not that it matters. Embrace that you wanted to talk politics. Don’t hide in shame. Own it.
    And far more importantly don’t talk as if everyone who disagrees with you is uneducated and doesn’t check facts.
    This is a polite forum, and I remain very unimpressed by your misdirected rants.

  5. I never intended a personel attack on you or anyone else. The main target of my “rant” was the media and wild reporting of any item, for either political party, by the media, not her intentions. At no point do I think anyone who disagrees with me does not check fax. Beleive me, there is plenty to dislike most every politician for that is true and factual. My annoyance, and not at you, or any other person, no matter their view, is that with so many valid and real issues to judge a politician on, why do some people feel the need to make up items and exagerate small ones. I’m sorry if you feel my rant was directed at you or any other person passionate about politics, it was more directed at the misinformation that both sides seems to pass as fact rather than the facts that should be the focus. I do agree asking about removing a book is not s step in the right direction, but other people took that upon themselves to say she full out banned books and made up a list. Taking that leap of making stuff up to win is wrong, no matter who did it. Just like taking small sound bites from a speach out of context and using them. Both sides do it, and should be shamed. Sorry to have offended, never wanted to, I just wanted to point out like Aurora did that her actual actions are not as bad as reported and want to agree with Melissa that her true actions matter much more.

  6. Jeremy, do you blog? Might be a good way to get those rants out without it seeming directed at any particular person. Sounds like you have a lot to say, and I mean that in a good way.

    I can’t really comment much on what you say here about misquoting and soundbites because you don’t cite any particular example other than the one that brought all this up, and I still feel that “tried to censor” (albeit very unsuccessfully) is an accurate description of her actions. To say what she did wasn’t as bad as reported, well, that’s like saying your wife only tried to find out the price of a hitman. Better than actually having you killed, but that’s hardly comforting.

    Thank you for clarifying that your frustration wasn’t directed at me. Perhaps I was oversensitive, and naturally I agree that misquoting and focusing on small issues is not the way to run a campaign. This just isn’t a small issue to me.

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