Don’t worry, we start talking dirty by the end.


Sidenote One – Correct me if my facts are off, I’m no expert, I’ve just been reading my Bill Bryson.
Sidenote Two – In case anyone is wondering, I find nothing in science that doesn’t support and inspire my belief in God, and that includes the science of evolution.
Sidenote Three – I don’t think it’s productive to be too sure of any of the things we think we know, there seems to be no end in sight to our learning, and consequently, our revisions.

Chamook says:
humans are better capable than all other animals at 5km and above when we’re in shape

Valancy Jane says:
That surprises me.

Chamook says:
other animals are faster
but we’re better over distance than them

Valancy Jane says:

Chamook says:
they can run
but they get tired and have to stop before we do
so we could run them down

Valancy Jane says:
That’s nice, provided that when they stop, they don’t kick us in the head or chew on our faces.

Chamook says:
well they stop cos they’re tired
so they don’t do that
we can throw things
they can’t

Valancy Jane says:
Too tired to chew?
I’m not saying we haven’t fairly earned our spot so high up the food chain, I’m just saying, let’s not get cocky.

Chamook says:
well we don’t get into that situation
cos we think better of it
and use strategy and attack in groups and make guns and stuff

Valancy Jane says:
True, but if you look at the whole of life on earth as the span of your arms as you spread them out, all of human history could be wiped out with a stroke of a nail file.
Bacteria can take us down in a day.
Biologically, large, complex organisms are a fluke, most life on earth is invisible to the naked eye. We’re a biological experiment, and like most before us, we might very well fail.

Chamook says:
yeah but we’re doing pretty good so far

Valancy Jane says:
99.9% of the types of life that have arisen are extinct.
The more complex the plant or animal, the less time it takes, on average to go extinct.
Mathematically, we can expect about 4 million years, which is what we’ve had. Evolution does not favor the large, in the big picture.

Chamook says:
but then again, we’re already cheating evolution

Valancy Jane says:
It’s a little early to be certain of that.

Chamook says:
medical science
it’s not the fittest who survive
it’s everyone but the absolute weakest

Valancy Jane says:
We are by no means the first form of life capable of fixing and repairing itself.

Chamook says:
*or people who get hit by buses
but this isn’t a function of our bodies, autorepairing themselves

Valancy Jane says:
Which is another reason evolution generally favors the small and simple.

Chamook says:
this is us making stuff up to do that

Valancy Jane says:
Using our brains, a part of our bodies.

Chamook says:
our brains which give us the potential to cheat

Valancy Jane says:
I don’t disagree, I’m just saying we didn’t originate that.

Chamook says:
I never claimed we did
I’m just saying we’re cheating
and it gives us an edge

Valancy Jane says:
I do agree that our intelligence is what will save us, if anything can.
But I think the first thing we’ll need to realize is that we by now means have the advantage in anything else.
And that our intelligence has the potential to be as much a liability as an asset.

Chamook says:
but I was being positive
and now you’ve just ruined it

Valancy Jane says:
Ok, then let me toss in this.
The average human body has 70000000000000000000 joules of potential energy in it.
If only we knew how to tap into it.
We could explode with the force of 30 hydrogen bombs.

Chamook says:
personally, I’m happy with not blowing up

Valancy Jane says:
And the way atoms recycle themselves, there are up to a billion atoms in your body that were once in the body of Shakespeare.
Also atoms that once made up a star.
Like, one in the sky.

Chamook says:
yeah but the human eye is poorly designed as shit
it’s basically backwards
all teh blood and stuff that it needs, is in the way of the vision part
but your brain filters it out!
brain == badass

Valancy Jane says:
I think we don’t have better eyes because we don’t need them.
We could accomplish some pretty neat tricks if we had better eyes, but we seem to be doing ok. Wouldn’t helps us eat or fuck or poo.
Even completely blind people lead pretty normal lives compared to the rest of us.

Chamook says:
if we could see infra red we could see our partner getting hotter as we fuck
I don’t care what you think
that is awesome

Valancy Jane says:
Right, a neat trick, but we seem to fuck enough as it is.

Chamook says:
I am thoroughly in favour of anything that improves fucking

Valancy Jane says:
Me too, but need drives evolution.
Show offs are usually the first to go.
Which means, biologically, I’m not a great specimen. *giggle*


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