Why I’m not a Palin fan.


This election finds me on the Democratic side, mostly because of social and environmental reasons.  And I want to make it clear exactly what it is about Sarah Palin’s candidacy that offends me.

I think it’s clear that the reason she was chosen was because she is a woman.  (If you don’t agree with that, then let me sum up the following with “I don’t agree with her policies,” and then we’ll change the subject.)  But I do think that’s the case, and it doesn’t offend me, per se.  In theory, it probably should, but it doesn’t.  We really are overdue for a woman in office (due to a sad lack of American women who have pursued a career in politics) and like a 40 year old virgin, maybe we should get it over with whoever we can get, just to prove we’re capable and then move forward with more confidence. 

So the GOP wants to make women feel included and represented within the party.  Fine.

But the specific woman they’ve chosen, THAT offends me.  How far she falls short of what she puports herself to be, bothers me.

So her 17 year old daughter is pregnant.  I make no judgements on that, and I don’t think it is a judgement if we acknowledge that this wasn’t their plan A.  A mistake by their own view, it seems.  Not the end of the world, but not what they were aiming for.  And I don’t know that Palin is encouraging her underage daughter to marry the father of her baby, but legally it requires her consent.  And any woman who allows her underage daughter to add a hasty marriage to young motherhood, a move that serves no purpose for anyone involved except for Sarah Palin and her campaign, that woman has no concept of woman’s rights whatsoever.

And for the GOP to suggest to me that Sarah Palin in any way represents me, and the women I know and love, THAT I find insulting.  If you’d like a woman VP, nominate an actual woman, please.


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  1. I very much agree with you. Even if you take away her personal life and how she is dealing with that, I still feel she is unqualified for the VP position. I think people tend to forget that anyone in the VP position is not just another talking head, they are the person who would be in charge of our country should the President pass away. Palin is not Presidental material by any streach of the imagination.

    And I have a huge problem with any political female who is not Pro-Choice. I think personally she has every right to believe how she believes and in her personal life, she should definately make her own choices but when you are a political figure who will be influencing the laws and policies of our country and you are a woman and you are not Pro-choice, you will not get my vote. Period. End of sentence. I would have so much more respect for someone who said, “Personally, I am Pro-Life. I find abortion morally wrong and I do not support it but politically I am Pro-Choice because I believe that this is a personal choice that each woman should make for herself.”

    Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice is a huge deal breaker for me because it takes a big person to vote for something that is morally hard to comprehend. It shows compassion, it shows lack of judgement, it shows that you are willing to respect each persons right to choose not only about abortion but other important issues that the government shouldn’t be involved in. If you are Pro-Life or Pro-Choice tells a lot about a person. (And guess what? The kicker is I am Pro-Life morally, meaning personally I would never have one and I do think it’s murder BUT I am Pro-Choice because I can only make that choice for me!)

  2. I respect your opinion my dear 🙂 Glad we can still be married even with our political differences. ❤ xoxo!

    I will say though one of the things I don’t agree with Palin is that she hunts. 😦 Me no likey the hunters!! boo on hunting!

  3. I think you should be nominated. What counts a foreign affairs experience is just proximity to another country, it seems. I would say you are closer to Mexico than she is to Russia. So, VJ for VP!!!

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