There are just three kinds of people in this world.


People who watch America’s Next Top Model, people watch it and pretend they don’t, and people who are lame and need to be clued in.

Aurora and I have decided to like Little French Girl, Isis and Red.  Also Sheena.  Pending any ridiculous, bitchy behavior, of course.  I see huge potential for The Crazy this year, and I’m so looking forward to it.

Who do you like?


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  1. I had to miss last night, but I’ll pick it up next week on the replay. to be honest, I’ve picked 2 winners early in the seasons, Yoanna and Nicole.

    More Honesty, I’ve been watching since Adrienne…I cant believe she married Bobby Brady

  2. i like isis obviously. HATE CLARK. analeigh is likeable, but she needs more personality if she wants to last.

    frenchie annoys me- she’s so weak seeming. red is cool, but she needs to step it up.

    sheena needs to tone down the maxim/playboy vibe.

    ilina scares me, but i kind of like it.

    those are the only ones i remember specifics about.

  3. Wait, there are actually four type of people. The fourth being me who really likes the show but can never dedicate herself to a show because of timing issues and will catch old seasons on re-run and watch them but can’t really talk about the current season because she never watches them as they are on and therefore can’t make a choice about who she likes and thinks it’s a neat show so lives through her friends who do watch the show and wants to know the latest juicy stuff going on….

  4. Alright, I just can’t like Isis. Can’t do it. They have never let a man on the show before, why would they now? And I’m sorry, but that’s what it is…a man. It hasn’t had it’s surgery yet…

    Otherwise, I liked McKey, Analise and I’m warmning up to Frenchie, but she makes me fucking nervous!

  5. Amber – Ok. I accept your lifestyle.

    DPH – I prefer to accept people as what they identify themselves as, the logic of tradition simply for traditions sake is sketchy at best, and I hope your use of the word “it” in reference to a person is intended to be funny, although I doubt most of them would take it as such.

  6. Analeigh, Marjoire, Elina and my sleeper pick Hannah.

    They will keep Clark around as this season’s Jade, she will make for a lot o f tension between the girls. She will go deep, but wont pull it off in the end.

    The Same for Isis.he/she will add the freak factor, and a gives kinda the “bad car accident” aspect to the show. you really don’t want to watch, but you cant look away. In the end, the “he/sheidness” will work against him/her….however he/she will come back in 2 seasons as a judge…he/she’ll fit right in

    Final thought…What was up with the robot, J-bot, Tyra bot thing. thank God that they didn’t make that this seasons gimmick.

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