Hidden resources


Engineering Exec – *pokes his head out of a conference room*  “Hey, you wouldn’t happen to have a ruler or tape measure at your desk?”

Valancy Jane – “No, I but I think ………… *rumages* …… yeah, got one here in my purse.”

Engineering Exec – “Wow.  We should make you a mechanical engineer or something.”

Valancy Jane – “I also have a rubber snake, a field card listing the most commanly sighted animals in Yosemite, hot chocolate mix, a catalog of medical models ….”

Engineering Exec – *eyes widen*  “On second thought, the lobby really is a good place for you …..”  *backs away slowly*


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  1. Yep, us gals totally get it. I just removed swan stone samples, a gameboy, and about 6 agates from my purse on Saturday. You’re just prepared.

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