Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps. MichaelPhelpsMichaelPhelpsMichaelPhelps.

Now I’m going to sit back and watch my hit counter explode. Apparently there is magic in the name “Michael Phelps,” and I have no qualms about invoking it for personal gain and/or fame. But it doesn’t stop there, no. Why should it? I’m going to whisper his name gently while asking for a raise. “I really feel (michaelphelps) that I’ve earned it, don’t you?” I’m going to say 37 Hail Michael Phelps to excuse what I did last weekend. (And if YOU say 38, I’ll tell you what I did last weekend.) I’m going to print out this picture, write out my wishlist on it, and mail to Santa, and my grandmas.

If you can think of any other ways to ride this wave (no euphamism intended but certainly also not ruled out), by all means do it. And tell me if it works.


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  1. I would but I’m so over him. Actually, I never got into him enough to be over him. But, here’s to hoping MP makes your corn flakes crunch!

  2. No, you misunderstand. Nothing about him offends me, he seems like a very nice boy, and I’m very pro-ears-that-stick-out, but he’s not really my thing. I’m merely pointing out that he seems to be everyone in the world right now’s thing.
    And that I’m a hits whore.

  3. Oh, I certainly see it. And he is a big slice of yum, and comes across as a very decent sort of man. (Listen to me, I sound like a grandma.)
    He doesn’t curl my toes, personally, but I have nothing remotely bad to say about him.

    Especially if he drives my hit counter up.

  4. My friend Mark played Michael Phelps in our government skit.
    We got bonus points for taking a current event and making something plausable but also fictional happen with it, as well as presenting an amusing scene at a John McCain rally.
    I believe in the Michael Magic.

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