Sexually liberated women ….


…. due to a lack of role models, have turned to men.  But we’re not men.

Where are the old whores?


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  1. That’s all I’m sayin’… it’s nice to be recognized for specialized talents, and always glad to be of assistance to those wanting to learn.

    tee hee!

    so ok i’m now addicted to The Blogging… who knew?! haha 🙂

  2. Come visit me. Not only do we have Bigfoot shrines we have what is fondly referred to as, “The Third Street Crew.” And let me tell you, these are whores, plain and simple. Did I ever tell you that our old building (the one that burned down) used to be a brothel (Or Gentlemens Club-wink) back in the day?

  3. Amber – Was it a brothel when YOU worked there? *wink, wink*

    Todd – Yes, I suppose she counts, but there’s more evidence that she was a media whore than a whore whore.

  4. The answer to that question is: retired.

    Also, I can practically hear your indignant tone from here, and it warms ye ole cockles of me heart.

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