Because I’m a girl.


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  1. PS… My all time favorite scene of any movie ever made was from Casablanca… the scene when they start singing the French national anthem over the German’s song…. oh man, good stuff.

  2. Can you believe I am 34 and haven’t seen these movies? I talked Tyler into renting and watching Gone with the Wind and Casablanca with me this winter, while we are holed up, so that will be fun! I’ll have to add An Affair to Remember too. And! I ordered the Gone with the Wind book because I need to read that! Have you?

  3. I have a hard believing that you ARE 34. But anyway.

    Yes, I strongly suggest one of my all time favorite movies, To Have and Have Not. Also, I think you’d like Paris When It Sizzles.

  4. OH MAN. I tear up everytime it finally HITS him.. and he realizes it’s her… (An Affair to Remember) and why she didn’t make it that day!!! *TEAR*

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