End of summer survey


Did u go to the beach?
Yes, yes. I’m never far, now.

Did u have a summer romance?
You’re ………. you’re not expecting me to dish, are you?

What is your favorite summer moment?
Well, it was before summer technically started, and it wasn’t so much a moment as all the moments before a moment.

Did something awesome and cool happen this summer?
Don’t you know me at all? “Awesome and cool” stalk me.

What is the best Summer Movie you saw?
The It Girl. I also saw Mama Mia, which was pretty, and AWFUL.

Did you read any books this summer?
Oh honey. Oh honey. There are four books in my purse right now.

Had any all nighters?
With a book? *wink*

Had any sleepovers?
Are we still talking about books?

Had any pool party?
Yes, which is weird, because I don’t have a pool ……

Went boy/girl watching?
That violates my parole, I think……

Make any new friends?
Yes, yes, yes.

Had a birthday? If so, what age did u turn?
I had a birthday party, does that count? I didn’t get any older, though.

Was this the summer before college for you?
Who knows what the future holds?

Did you watch Camp Rock on Disney Channel?
I wasn’t aware that such an opportunity existed.

Did you go anywhere besides the beach?
Like, the bathroom?

Did you kiss someone this summer?
There are lot of gorgeous puppies in this part of town.

Do you wish you could change something about this summer?
Just one thing. Statistically, that’s good, right?

Are you ready for the school year?
Uh, my pencils are sharp, so …….. yes?

Do you think this summer was better then last years?
Hm. I’m a December in Chicago kind of girl.

What was your number one song this summer?
Forever Young

In one(perhaps 2?) word describe this summer?
“Emotional poverty”? Hahahahahahahaha!

What do you think of the song, I Kissed a Girl?
Well ………….. uh, maybe come fall, we’ll have other songs?


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  1. haha, that one picture of you fake blowing out the candle, my expression is so weird! it looks like i’m trying to talk in an accent like zis… dahling.


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