Oh please be real.


It would make my entire summer.

And previously mentioned, I hold the minority opinion that it’s possible and even likely that large, undiscovered primates such as the yeti or bigfoot do exist.  This is an opinion I share with fellow “romantic” Jane Goodall, and also with a whole bunch of nutcases.  They might be right, but let’s face it, most “bigfoot trackers” are crazy.

This particular find sounds a bit suspect, as they have yet to turn over the body and are only letting their scientists(?) see it at this point.  The only released photo doesn’t overwhelm with a sense of authenticity either.

But anything is possible.  She’s a big-big world, and she’s never stopped surprising us over the course of history.  There’s plenty of wonder and newness and surprises left.  And wouldn’t it be lovely if we all got a 7 foot dose of that tomorrow, at a press conference in Palo Alto?

In that spirit, I think we need to have a Bigfoot party.  Let’s dress up as bigfeet, and have a large scale game of hide and seek downtown, chasing each other with cameras.  Who’s in?


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  1. I’m totally in!! If you love Bigfoot, you need to come visit because this area is home to the most Bigfoot obsessed people in the world. We have Bigfoot stores and Bigfoot Museums. There are tons of places that have Bigfoot in their name (The Bigfoot Express-a 7-11 type store). This area has Bigfoot fever!

  2. Just hope it doesn’t end up being as mundane an explanation as the dead tiger found on the side of 99 in Central CA a while back. Here everyone was wondering how a tiger could get loose without anyone noticing it and someone could hit a tiger with a car without wrecking… Then we go and find out it had died in Southern CA and had fallen off a truck while being sent to UC Davis.

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