Life owes us nothing, not even life itself.


Colsy – I’m curious.
Thinking about my life and what I enjoy everyday, I started to wonder, what do I consider a luxury? Or, if I could do it, what would I do everyday. The first thing that came to my mind is food. Every day as I eat my lunch I wish that I could eat out. That’s all it would take, an extra $10 a day to make me happy. That, or pay a chef for 24 hr meal & snack service. (But I think that would be pushing it, don’t you?)
What would you consider a luxury?

Valancy Jane – Everything.
That’s why I so happy.


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  1. Starbucks. Four dollars for a cup of coffee is downright extravigant.

    Also, and I’m ashamed at the waste, but I buy cans of tennis balls for $2.99 at the local store, and then only use them once. I like to play tennis with brand new tennis balls. Because what I’m willing to pay $3 for, every single time I play, is the little “whoosh” sound that the metal cover makes when I pull the pop-top and the pressurized air escapes. That’s my luxury.

  2. Now that I have 6 cats and 5 kittens in the house (hopefully the kittens are only guests), I would love to have a whole closet full of LitterMaids.

  3. Not exactly a daily expense as much as a daily time (and knee) saver: a closet full of LitterMaids so I don’t have to spend so much time stooped over scooping litter boxes.

  4. It’s the robotic litter box that scoops itself. Perhaps you remember the commercial from about a year ago with the lady sing-songing “I’m cleaning the litter box” to her husband after they did chore selection. That was for the LitterMaid.

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