Award Season


It all began this morning when my work Twinnie noted that she had, at present, the largest inbox in the company.  We discussed how this sort of thing deserved a trophy of some sort, she pointed out that it should have a duck on it.

Not being one to let these sorts of occasions pass unnoticed, I made her a trophy out of a post it note dispenser, a pirate rubber duckie, and some wrapping ribbon.  (You know, basic office supplies.)

And then we decided to make more awards over the next couple of weeks.  I made this one from a beach ball and a label maker.  (You know, the usual stuff you have in your desk.)

Work Twinnie snapped this as we awarded it.  “And the Ballie goes to…..”

But truth be told, we don’t know WHO the Ballie went to, because after that we ran.


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  1. i totally forgot to bring in all my knicknacks. i’ll do that on monday and then we can paint the company red with awards….or pink.

    or silver.

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