Here’s a rather bitchy observation.


Have you ever noticed that women who are so concerned about modesty are usually plain* and boring?  It’s as if they had to invent a virtue because they didn’t have any others.

And just like how self-consciousness is a form of arrogance, spending that much time dressing yourself down places undue importance on your body, which is sorta the opposite of modesty anyway.

A bikini and a burka are both very much statements about sexuality.

*I say “plain,” not ugly, because I think beauty requires self awareness and creativity more than anything else, which makes it available to any woman.


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  1. This always comes to mind: “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.” WHENEVER I hear someone proclaiming their virtues too much.
    Flaunting your sexuality, or lack their of, is still flaunting sexuality

  2. Maidens for Modesty? HOLY SHIT! They make Molly look like Rainbow Brite Lady of the Night! (SCORE! Ten points for me for getting to use that in actual context!)

  3. I think “modesty” is different from “prudish”… it’s probably closer to “humble” (in my mind anyway).

    You can dress showing a lot of skin, and still be modest. If someone compliments you, you can say, “Oh, this old thing? You’re too kind.” (Pushing the compliment back to them) Modest is more of an attitude.

    But “prudish” is covering yourself up and saying, “I dress modestly”.

    I think if they’re so concerned about Modesty… they probably aren’t.

  4. 1. Love that Amberocity used “Rainbow Brite Lady of the Night” here. Could kiss your nose for it.

    2. I agree with Colsy that extreme modesty and extreme sexuality are both about flaunting sexuality.

    Also, I love bikinis. I just had to add that.

  5. I think there’s a distinction to be made between bikini and burka. There’s a middle ground. Both a bikini and burka draw attention to the body, the former for what you see, the latter for what you obviously don’t.

    But there’s also a way to dress that doesn’t draw attention to the body. That’s modest dressing. “Modest” doesn’t mean dressing down; call it conservative dressing. Laura Ashley versus…well, I don’t really know women’s clothing designers, but you get the idea.

    It’s not a sure thing, but when talking to a woman who is conservatively dressed, a man is more likely to concentrate on what’s being said than when talking to a woman showing cleavage. Call it a lack of distraction.

    Just one man’s opinion.

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