Tree Lover


We humans have a funny relationship with nature.  Love/hate, you might say.  We nurture and then destroy each other.  We cart in trees to our office park areas, plant them in orderly rows in precise little beds, and expect them to be as civilized as us.

And they sit, biding their time, waiting to show us that they aren’t inanimate objects, but living things.

Yesterday one of my coworkers walked inside after a smoke break and said, “See that tree branch out there?” 

I looked and saw a ten foot branch that had fallen from one of the trees, lying on the ground.  “Yeah?”

“It almost FELL ON ME.”  She seemed a little shaken.”

“I guess it likes you,” I said.  She shrugged.

This morning when I came in, I saw that the branch was still lying there. 

So naturally I put it in her cubicle.  With a note that read, “I need to be close to you.  – the Tree Branch.”


It makes sense if you were there.

It was BIG.

I like to think we’re all feeling a little closer to nature now.  Nature in it’s raw, emotional state.

MHiS as the stoned koala
(My Homie in Sales as a stoned koala)



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  1. Why thank you. I’ll climb your tree later, I promise, right now I’m tired from hauling that thing around.

    Oh and you know what’s cuter than MHiS? His little sons. SO CUTE!

  2. Who do I have to have sex with to get a job where you work?

    Oh, and your homie needs to clone himself and send himself all over the country. Everybody needs a stoned koala in their living rooms.

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