Friends for sale


There’s an application on Facebook called friends for sale, and on this application, I’m very rich.

One of the friends I have on this application, a friend of mine we’ll call Orangie, hasn’t logged in much or done too much with it.  I “own” her, and as of yet, her “value” was very low.  Everytime someone buys you, your value goes up.  And you get more expensive to buy back.

Some little teenage boy bought Orangie away from me.  I could see his bank balance was only about a tenth of mine.  Which meant he’d begun a losing game.  We’d go back and forth, her price raising each time, until she was out of his price range.  I left him a comment filing him in on this, because frankly, I didn’t want to go through the tedious process, and I wasn’t giving up my friend.  And I bought her back.

Little dude persisted.

And we went back and forth, back and forth.  *yawn*

I started to get really bored with it, so I bought a few of his friends away to prove my point, and because running up the price on all of them would speed this process up.

So now we were bidding back and forth on all of them.  I told him if the stopped buying my friend back, I’ll stop buying his back.  But no, back and forth.

And then he took almost all of his money and bought my friend Cecilia.  I laughed, and …….. didn’t buy her back. 

He was now stuck.

I let Cecilia know what I was doing, and she thought it was hilarious.  He was now stuck with just enough money to get his friends back, not enough for Orangie.

I figure I’m teaching him some very important life lessons.

Don’t tangle with the big kids, and be careful when acquiring women, they’re inevitably expensive and you can’t always get rid of them when you want to.

Don’t worry, I’ll go buy Cecilia back.  Eventually.


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