Before you pick a new hobby ….


…….. you might want to consider it from the angle of it’s calorie burning potential.

I’ve been using The Daily Plate over at as a way to track the nutritional content of my foods. I wanted to make sure that as a newbie to this vegetarian thing, I was still getting my recomended pretentages of protein, carbs, fiber, etc. And as the weight loss sped up so much, to make sure I never dipped below 1000-1200 a day. (I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d have this problem.) (I have homework tonight, and it involves peanut butter toast.)

Anyway. One handy little feature of the site is that it gives you the average amount of calories burned in common, or not so common, activities. I’ll point out some of the more interesting ones, and anyone who wants to take up one oared sculling with me (726 calories an hour! But far more importantly, we can wear stripey shirts! And sing! Which is 127 calories an hour in itself!), meet me at the docks tonight. Bring your own straw hat.

Playing the accordian – 114
Applying makeup – 127*
Baton twirling – 254
Book binding – 146
Branding animals – 381
Caulking a log cabin – 318
Hopscotch – 336
Church – 64 to 318**
Coal Mining – 504
Anishinaabe jingle dancing – 349
Darts – 159
Directing traffic – 127
Drum major in a marching band – 222
Flying – 64***
Riding in a golf cart – 222
Grooming horses – 222 to 504****
Horseback riding – 254*****
Using a jackhammer – 381
Hugging – 64
Kissing – 67******
Laying linoleum – 286
Luge – 445
Maple syruping – 318
Operating a crane – 159
Picking up litter – 319
Pumping gas – 127
Harvesting wild rice from a canoe – 210
Making theater sets – 191
Seeding your lawn – 159
Shearing sheep – 381*******
Fighting – 572
Packing a suitcase – 127
Acting – 191
Wrapping presents – 95
Digging worms – 254

*If you need an hours’ worth of makeup, maybe you should give up and get fat.
**Depending on your denomination. Catholics get sligtly more because of all the sitting and standing motions, Pentacostals and their spiritual dancing get the most.
***Presumably as a passenger
****Depending on the height of the horse?
*****Presumably as a rider
******Not the way I do it
*******Less if you roofie them first


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  1. Re: “less if you roofie them first”

    I take it you speak from personal experience. Because inquiring minds want to know. Also, have I ever mentioned that Doug’s family had sheep growing up? I love that.

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