I was expecting a pony.


New Kid in Marketing says:
So what’s the special occasion? Hats usually represent some special occasion…

Valancy Jane says:
I look cute in hats? That’s an occasion, right?
Why aren’t YOU wearing a hat for this occasion?

NKiM says:
Didn’t get the memo- sorry.

Valancy Jane says:
I’ll remember to cc you next time.

NKiM says:

Valancy Jane says:
But to catch you up, National VJ Is Way Cute in Hats Day has some unique traditions.
You’ve shaved your undercarriage, right?
That will be very important at the bonfire, later.

NKiM says:
My legs? No… then they’d get prickly.

Valancy Jane says:
Ok, you might have to sit the fire dance out then. But that’s ok. There are other traditions, such as gift giving.
So what did you get me?

NKiM says:
A smile.
I give them out to everybody.
Quite often, I’d have to say…

Valancy Jane says:
Well, since you didn’t get the memo, I assume you also didn’t get the link to my registry, so I’ll accept that.


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