Things Our Office Supply Company Has Tried To Convince Me Are True, While On The Phone With Them This Morning.


I signed for a delivery. 

I refused delivery.

My name is Catalina.

I work for THEIR company.

It takes one day to drive two blocks from their warehouse to our office.

It takes four days to drive back.

My office supplies are capable of time travel.

Our building has no doors at all.


That is their official story.


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  1. Hmmm.
    If you have a stapler that can break the time/space continuum, I would suggest starting an eBay auction immediately…

  2. Hahahaa! They took the UPS training course obviously because UPS have at one time or another tried to convince me of all those things when I’ve called to track a package.

  3. I wouldn’t have been surprised if your office had no exit doors, for I can imagine you departing via a firemans pole. But no windows? Nah, you would need windows.

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