It’s been a day of surprises.


I discovered that my daily coffee shop is also Bethany’s daily coffee shop, we’d just never overlapped timewise before today. 

Also, I am wearing pink.  And despite the fact that I bought this shirt, and put it on this morning, everytime I catch my reflection, I’m a little surprised.


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  1. My 2003 new year’s resolutions was to lose my fear of pink (it was intended to be pink wine, but ended up being an odd celebration of the color). For a while I wore giant tacky pink rings (to work as a field botanist and statistician) and was then given some pink clothing. I thought that I was pulling off a Barbie/Pepto pink top and feeling like I could wear it when a co-worker commented “Wow. Your’re very, ummm, PINK?, today.” I’ve worn it since but never again pretended that I could truly pull it off.

  2. I’m apparently more color sensitive than many of my fellow scientist nerds, because I had (and continue to have) no problem with coral, rose or peach, all of which look good on me. But pink pink, well, it’s a bit of a strech, but if it looks good on you wear it.
    Other fun resolutions, by the way, have included drinking more sparkling wine (I kept the resolution all year!) a year of the rodent (2007) and a year of luck (2008). Pink and rodent tie for second to sparkling wine as the most fun.

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