Club Car


Most of us regulars on the train (and most of us ARE regulars) have a regular car that we sit in.

And I’ve tried out most of them, trying to find the right fit. Near the north end of the train, not too full so that I can get a seat facing the direction we’re heading (to head off motion sickness), etc. And most important, the people. Each car has it’s pros and cons, and each had it’s own weirdo.

I’ve tried all the cars and was about to settle on a favorite. But then they added a new car to the train.

I and one other commuter bravely tried it out. “No snoring guy.” “No odd smell.” “And there’s not that one lady on her phone.” “WHO IS SHE CALLING AT 6:30 IN THE MORNING?” “I know, right? At first, I thought maybe someone in another time zone, but-” “But she makes plans to go out with them and stuff, so they have to be local!” “So weird!”

After congratulating ourselves on picking a car with no car weirdo, we sat and pulled out our books to read. As I pulled out my book, out fell my green alien stuffed animal.



“Oh.” And then he quickly buried himself in his book, and I realized, I’M this train car’s weirdo.


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  1. You are the fun likable weirdo and not the scary he’s gonna eat me alive type weirdo. That’s a compliment. I love meeting weird (read: not scary) people.

  2. Well congratulations are in order my friend! You finally accomplished what only a few people do. I wish I had city transportation where I could sit and be weirdo.

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