Wherein I am a genius.


So I’ve been looking for just the right iPhone cover.

I didn’t want one of those rubber thingies.  You know, the ones that are like a little condom, that you leave on while you use the phone.  It’s my experience (and by that I mean by how many times I’ve dropped it) that the iPhone is surprisingly sturdy and scratch resistant.

Well, not that I want it to get all up and personal with my house keys.

Hence my need of a case of some sorts, for while it’s not in my hand, or under my pillow.

What I really want is something I can slip into my purse during the day.  Preferably something opens at the skinny end so that I can plug in my headphones.  And something that I can slide my debit card into at night, so that it can BE my purse.

So to review, I need sleek, non tacky, preferably with a wrist strap.

I looked all over, like, the ENTIRE internet.  The closest I found was something in an etsy shop that was the perfect shape, but in a fabric that barely worked for daytime, and not at all as an evening bag.

And that’s when it hit me.

Isn’t this exactly what women used to need from a cigarette case?

I went straight over to ebay and typed in “vintage cigarette case” and after a page or two, I found it.  Admittedly there was a bit of a snag when I realized that the average cigarette is 4 1/4 inches, and my darling iPhone is 4 1/2 inches.

But then she appeared.

She was made to fit on my iPhone.  Well, actually she was made to fit a very very very special type of cigarette, called a 100.  I dunno what that is, exactly.  But if I knew, I’d totally smoke them, I’m so happy for their existence.

As of 2am, barring any other bidders, she is mine.  I’ve forgiven her lack of wrist strap because I think I can add one.

Send beads.


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