Things to do.


It seems that ZJ’s sabbatical is starting sink in, as it’s only three weeks in and he says he’s running out of things to do.  Which is really impressive considering he spend the first two weeks in Spain.  He must be very efficient.

So, being the extremely helpful woman that I am, I am compiling this list of ideas.

  • Wash my car. 
  • Frame OJ Simpson.  Again.
  • Learn to speak whatever language the least amount of people alive today speak.  (Welsh?)
  • Talk someone into letting you pierce their ear.
  • Read an entire Interview magazine in one sitting.
  • Work on your turnout and toe strength until you can do this barefoot.
  • Begin the process of an overseas adoption.
  • Start a band in your garage and write a song titled “OMG Ponies!!!!1!!!”
  • Build a swimup bar in your pool.  (Actually that was Ed‘s idea, but I think it’s obvious that we’d all benefit.)
  • Go to google maps, and make up an address.  Edit it until you find a real one.  Write a chatty letter and mail it to that address. 

If all else fails, develope a drinking problem, or start knitting.  Either one will completely suck up the rest of your days.


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  1. You’re right about Welsh, as far as I know. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that it isn’t actually a language: Welsh “speakers” just make it up as they go along. It’s total gibberish, but by an amazing coincidence, they all understand each other.

    However, if I know you like I think I do, this won’t deter you from learning it at all. Happy The Rez’s birthday.

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