And then I’ll blog them.



Valancy Jane – “Oh hey.  We had, uh, I have those same sheets.”

Knickers – “Oh.  Yeah.”


Valancy Jane – “Hey.”

Knickers – “Yeah?”

Valancy Jane – “You know, pretty soon we’ll be past this, we won’t even notice these potenially awkward moments.  And it’ll be nice.”

Knickers – *nods*  “Yeah.”

Valancy Jane – “Except that I’ll point them out.”

Knickers – *laughs*

Valancy Jane – “And refuse to shut up.”

Knickers – *laughs*

Valancy Jane – “It’ll be fun.  And they’re nice sheets.”


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  1. Thanks! We both try, because losing an old friend sucks balls.
    And despite it being something of a tradition, we see no real reason that it has to happen, just because we tried to take care of each other for awhile.

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