And that’s how I learned that pigeons are territorial.


When we saw them huddled in a tight group in the parking lot, Knickers whispered, “Drive though ’em!”

I advanced slowly into the flock, but they didn’t fly off as expected.  The just barely scooted outta the way, leaning out of the way of my tires, rolling their eyes and tolerating me the way you tolerate people moving in and out of your aisle at the moving theater.

The few that were actually displaced by my tires simply few up a few feet and I kid you not, resumed their place on the roof of the car.  Within a minute we were in the middle of the group, and now I was scared that one of them was going to get all Tiananmen Square on me and let himself be run over, but they surrounded me on all sides. 

I tried honking, which got me the reaction of them all bouncing up about one foot off the ground and then settling right back in their spot within about four seconds.  Which didn’t help me at all.

While Knickers made squishing noises I slowly advanced out of the group in a constant state of cringe, lest I actually hit one.  Finally we were free of the group.

I turned and took this picture.


I have no idea how to feel about what happened.


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  1. However it is that you end up feeling please remember that this is not part of your therepy bill that is payable to me.

    Except if you sleep with me. Then we’ll talk.

  2. this reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George ran over one that didn’t move and he kept screaming throughout the whole show. “WE HAD A PACT”
    the pact being, that will move out of the way. that one broke the pact.

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