Things to do this summer.


I’d heard this idea going around, to make a list of 100 things to do for the 100 days of summer.  But a list that long sounds like a chore, even just to write, and if I was making a list of things NOT to do this summer, giving myself unnecessary chores would be number one on that list.

  • Eat an absurd amount of Popsicles.
  • Save the sticks from said Popsicles, and make a birdhouse.  Perhaps in the shape of the Taj Mahal.  Perhaps life-size.
  • Stock my glitter cabinet.
  • Use the entire stock of the glitter cabinet.
  • Restock.
  • Invent a new dance form.
  • Teach at least one other person the new dance form. 
  • Really buckle down and learn at least one more chord on the guitar.  (Every kook should play the guitar, I’m about to have my license rescinded.)
  • Resign myself to being a poor excuse for a guitar player, and return to the tamborine.
  • Decorate the tamborine with glitter.
  • Incorporate it into new dance form.
  • Pull a prank on Lola.
  • Eat as much watermelon as I like.
  • Snort glitter.
  • Get a henna tattoo kit.
  • Get a real tattoo.  Or six.
  • Break into a deserted carnival.
  • Get thrown out of some sort of public place.  For something worth getting thrown out for.
  • Print out my recent fan mail on postcards, and pose nude with the postcards over my ladybits.
  • Post (almost) nude pictures on blog.
  • Buy better locks for my doors.
  • Do something to really muss up my hair at least twice a week.
  • Buy a hair brush.
  • Brush hair weekly, whether it needs it or not.
  • Rescue 100 feeder gold fish and release them here
  • Name all the fish.
  • Light off a firework in an unexpected setting.  Like, the bathtub.  Or at dawn.
  • Find out if my roof is sturdy enough to throw a party on.
  • If not, throw it on someone else’s roof.  As a surprise.
  • Throw a party in a laundrymat.  “Bring your whites and some rum!  And maybe roller skates.”
  • Find a craft project to use all those wine bottle corks.
  • Find out exactly how fast I can twirl.
  • Look into getting a pet crow.
  • Write thank you notes to Advil, Fred Rogers and the guy that cuts the grass outside the lobby.
  • Buy velvet underwear.
  • Write a letter to “Petr” in Russia and hopefully find out why his address is scribbled in the margin of my diary, circa 2002. 
  • Get a tan on the bottom of my feet.
  • Get a tan on my bottom.
  • Find out how high Rudolf can jump. 

Hmmmm.  This is fun.  Maybe making it to 100 wouldn’t be a chore.  To be continued …….


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  1. I would advise against snorting glitter. I did that once back in the 80’s. You know, when it was cool to snort stuff but cocaine was too yucky to even consider. I’m still sneezing it out to this day. Which sounds neat-o but ….. ouch…

  2. I know it’s bad for you, but man. What a rush. Remember that next morning, when we woke up in the park, naked except for a 1st and 3rd place medal for the Boston Marathon ’round our necks?

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