So batshit crazy, it’s beautiful.


Last Friday I was thinking of things to do this past weekend, and I stumbled across this ad.

And it slays me. You get to bring Emotional Intelligence to the World Stage. You get to break out of the Cocoon of Silence. You get to dance. WITH CRAZY PEOPLE.

And the random use Of capital letters, the recklessness, I’m a Bit giddy from it All.

So I read on.

And the crazy? It gets better.

Turns out this author/speaker will be using her new Troupe O’ Crazy to act out bits from her new book.

And I copy and paste the description of her erotic book, because you can’t make this shit up.

Stealing the Moon erupts in raw emotion. Erotic prose pour forth-regenerative lava like from the Dark Goddess silenced for Millennium. As Natalie speaks the unspeakable waves of buried emotional truth break open allowing her entrance into uncharted layers of the unconscious. The Cave of the Womb spreads wide revealing the secrets of the Ancient Egyptians, exposing the emotional history of the infamous Akenhaten, pharaoh of Egypt and his wife Nefertiti and their seven daughters. Natalie learns from Nefertiti how she is inseparable from the mad Queen. To free herself she must unearth the mystery of what holds humanity in generational cycles of abuse and destructivity. Shemura lends her feminine genius to design the way out, to begin erasing the effects of millenniums of emotional barbarism. We emerge cleansed and impassioned for the journey.”


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