This afternoon I’ve been doing a bit of long overdue cleaning.  There is a file cabinet of stuff next to my desk that been sitting there basically untouched since two receptionists ago.  Oh, I’d opened it, poked around in them when I started, but didn’t know if any of the files, cords, etc were going to be necessary to my job or if someone was going to come looking for them.  And in the three years since, my lack of using it has made it sorta blend in.  Hiding in plain sight.  Today, as I was dusting the printer that sits on top, it occurred to me that A.) it exists, and B.) if I haven’t needed to open it in three years, it’s OFFICIALLY safe to toss the contents.

No major dirt on the receptionist before the receptionist before me.  (Coworker, She of the Lovely Curls was the one before me.)  Other than wondering why she had that tiny scale.  And that she underlined info about a rather good-looking (and twenty years her junior) ex employee, like his birthday and cell number.  *arches eyebrow*  Ooooooooooolala.

I did find a two inch stack of blank checks however …………..

………….. see you guys in Rio De Janeiro.


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